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Evolution Aqua

The Evolution Aqua air pump range provides high performance diaphragm air pumps for all fishkeepers beit pond or aquarium. The range was purposely developed for fishkeepers to deliver that essential element into their ponds - specifically air. Evolution Aqua air pumps have been tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth, to be economical to run and totally reliable. Well engineered, robust and durable, every unit has thermal protection fitted as standard. I have one of these myself and its brilliant in my pond, and power you would not believe! comes in three sizes, 75, 95 and 130. Oxygen is not actually added to the water directly from the pump but the surface agitation absorbs much more oxygen than a static pond, and this pump really does deliver!! It also keeps my pond ice free over a large area during the coldest of winters.

Evolution Aqua 75

Complete Air Kit Includes:

  • 4 tap metal valved manifold

  • 10 metres of quality airline

  • 2 x high-quality air stones 80mm x 30mm
    High Quality clips to hold connector to pump and manifold


Atman Air Pump

Atman High Power Air Pump HP4000. This is the perfect air pump for such as fish rooms or multiple setups and is suitable for freshwater, pond or marine. You can run up to 10, yes TEN, outlets using the supplied T connectors. This will give you a long lasting performance, quiet in operation and has an anti dust filter.

Aqua Air aquarium Air Pumps can be used to supply air to any type of aquarium air feature. The Aqua Air Aquarium Air Pump range is the result of over 20 years experience in the manufacture of air pumps. Performance is assured by the use of up to the minute design, the latest materials and technology and strict quality control procedures. - Quiet operation, quality moulded case and solid base absorb sound. Stylish, Discreet case, British design, blends with most decors. High reliability, precision components with diaphragm made from space-age material for long reliable performance. Anti vibration feet, avoids pump movement. Powerful airflow. Better air quality, integral impregnated filter reduces air pollution in aquarium. Air flow - 120 L/Hr. Pressure - 0.20 mbar.

A powerful diaphragm aquarium air pump with a low maintenance requirement. The cast aluminium housing with its integrated air filter ensures long life and silent operation (maximum 200l/h) is adjustable using the slide control. Maximum operating pressure: 250 mbar. power consumption: 4 watts. It is ideally suited for air lift filters (undergravel and box), air stones and for protein skimmers using either ceramic or wooden air diffusers.

Illuminated Air Curtain

Hobby Products

In July 2007 a lady visited the shop and brought in with her one of three fully functional Hy Flo air pumps of "ancient" ancestry. I took the following images for your enjoyment. She told me that they operate in "super quiet" mode and you have to check visually to see if they are in fact operating! Her daughter mocks her use of these but as the saying goes, "if It ain't broke, don't fix it"!

Made in England - ah! Those were the days eh? Quite literally a (Air) blast from the past!


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